What are dental fillings?

To fill a tooth after a cavity has been removed from it, our dentist uses a dental filling in Bountiful, Utah. Fillings can also be used to repair cracked, broken, or worn teeth. When removing a cavity, Dr. Gregory G. Oman will remove the decayed area of the tooth using a drill, air abrasion instrument, or laser. The area is carefully checked to ensure that all of the decay has been removed. Then, the bacteria and debris are cleaned from the area. When the area is clean, the filling materials are placed to seal the tooth.

What are amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings, which are sometimes called silver fillings, are made of silver and other metals. They are very durable, lasting at least 10 to 15 years.

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are made of composite resin materials and are sometimes called tooth-colored fillings. They can be customized to match the color of your natural teeth. Because of this, they work exceptionally well for visible teeth like your front teeth. Composite fillings are applied to the tooth in layers. As each layer is placed, our dentist applies a curing light to harden the material. This process bonds the material to the tooth, making composite fillings very strong.

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